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Whether you are striving to get your next level Electrical License in Michigan, looking for a Code Update Class to keep your Michigan License valid or trying to protect your employees from injury when working in front of live electrical equipment, we have you covered. 

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There is a lot for an Inspector to cover when they walk onto your jobsite.  They don’t always have time to think about every little detail, but some are more important than others.  Looking at the Cable Ties that you install is becoming each Inspectors “top of the list”.   A tie that is too tight can mess with the movement of current in a low-voltage fire alarm system or a tie that is not rated for the temperature or strength in a cabinet, could snap and allow large conductors to slide within the cabinet.   All we have to do is make sure we are using the right cable ties for the environment!


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I hope all is well with your business and/or your career.  I started my career back in 7th grade, working with my father who was an Electrical Contractor.  I have realized that the electrical field is vast and working with so many of you has been very rewarding. I have enjoyed working my way up to a Master Electrician and now a retired Electrical Inspector. I have been blessed to be able to work with so many Michigan Contractors and Industrial Companies in Michigan, and now in my semi -retirement, I get to balance my Electrical Training with our love for the outdoors. My wife and I love the outdoors and enjoy sharing some of the beauty with you on this site.

The current featured image is taken from just one of our favorite beaches in the area.  It’s at the end of Esch road and we all call it Esch beach.  There is nothing quite like walking in the 70degree water at the end of the day. We have been blessed by all this beauty that God has provided all around us and it is just moments away!

I look forward to working with you, your shop or your Facility in the future.

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Ronald Deering CESCP

Instructor/Master Electrician/Retired Inspector


When testing less than 50 volt equipment in a cabinet such as this, it is sometimes difficult to understand why we should have to protect ourselves because the 480volt terminals are in another part of the cabinet.  NFPA70E – 2021 is very clear when doing this type of testing and requires us to be protected to Category 2 because the 480v terminals are being exposed to us. Even if the cabinet is supplied by a single-phase, 20ampere device, we still have a 4inch ARC possibility within the cabinet.


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