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In my career as an Electrical Inspector, there was one Inspection that for me was one of the most important inspections I could possible make. The inspection of the Swimming Pool.  The life-safety of the pool owner and their children was vital, but also the neighbor children and relatives that would visit and spend time in the pool would be at risk if the inspection was not done well.

The item pictured is a not only a listed clamp for use in and around a pool, but it is also “identified” for pool use.  Any other clamp that we are used to working with will struggle with the corrosive environment that it would be installed in.

If you are wiring your first or second pool, you would be wise to make contact with your Electrical Inspector prior to your first inspection and work together in order to know what will be accepted.  Together you both can eliminate a situation where you would be trying to protect yourselves, should the grounding/bonding grid fail due to a poor installation.

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I can provide you with Michigan Electrical Exam Preparation,  just a few minutes a day, with the (one of a kind) program the “Electrical Code Dude/Gal.”  Simply email me for a sign up sheet.  One small fee provides you with training all year, as you continue your Apprenticeship. When your exam rolls around, you may not even need a class!  When a Code Dude has a question,  I am just an email away for complete support.  I stay with you until you get it done.

I hope all is well with your business and/or your career.  I started my career back in 7th grade, working with my father who was an Electrical Contractor.  I have realized that the electrical field is vast and working with so many of you has been very rewarding. I have enjoyed working my way up to a Master Electrician and now a retired Electrical Inspector. I have been blessed to being able to work with so many Michigan Contractors and Industrial Companies in this beautiful State of ours, and now in my retirement I get to balance my Electrical Training with our love for the outdoors.  My wife and I love to travel which is very hard now but we have been able to enjoy this Northern Michigan paradise.

The current featured image is taken from one of many hiking trails in Leelanau County.  This spot is a special one. (Can’t tell you where it is!)  We have been blessed by all this beauty that God has provided all around us and it is just moments away!

I look forward to working with you, your shop or your Facility in the future.

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Ronald Deering CESCP

Instructor/Master Electrician/Retired Inspector


Sometimes an Electrical Contractor finds that many emergency Exit Signs need to be installed to comply with the Michigan Building Code.  It is also extremely hard to install rough-in openings for the Exit Signs prior to the Building Official performing their final inspection.  One great way to satisfy situations where multiple exits are in the same proximity is the triangular Exit Sign.

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