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March 15, 2019Arc Flash Awareness – Kalamazoo MI

March 16/17, 2019Exam Preparation – Kalamazoo MI

March 29, 2019Exam Prep Sign Specialist – Kalamazoo MI

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Notice the raceway on the left. It is a good example of using the Annex C in the NEC 2014.  The EMT Table allows 16 – 12AWG THHN conductors in a 3/4 conduit.  As you can see, we have a few more in this piece of a 10 foot raceway, including a 14/3 NM Cable!  The center item is MI cable.  The item on the right is an example of “conduit tubing”, and the lower raceway is 400ampere “Monster Cable”  Type MC Cable.


I hope all is well with your business and/or your career.  I started my career back in 7th grade, working with my father who was an Electrical Contractor.  I have realized that the electrical field is vast and working with so many of you has been very rewarding. I have enjoyed working my way up to a Master Electrician and Electrical Inspector. The latter has led to being blessed to being able to work with so many Michigan Contractors and Industrial Companies in this beautiful State of ours.  My wife and I have a love for the outdoors, live Up North, and continue to pinch ourselves every day.  I will share pictures of our adventures from time to time. The current featured image is the incredible hiking trail in Snowdonia National Park, United Kingdom. The background shot is the little vacation village of Beddgelert, Snowdonia. I would highly recommend a visit, should you be of the adventurous sort.  I think you would find it very “lovely”.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Ronald Deering CESCP


You will notice the image here of a Ground Fault Receptacle.  The device has come a long way and is still in high demand.  What you see here is a device that has been overloaded on the “load side” terminals.  We are still allowed to install a 15ampere device on a 20ampere branch circuit, however, which does tend to cause the condition shown.  The other culprit is a lightning hit!  When installed correctly, taking in to account the load on the branch circuit, will give us many years of great service.


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