I hope all is well with your business and/or your career.  I started my career back in 7th grade, working with my father who was an Electrical Contractor.  I have realized that the electrical field is vast and working with so many of you has been very rewarding. I have enjoyed working my way up to a Master Electrician and Electrical Inspector. The latter has led to being blessed to being able to work with so many Michigan Contractors and Industrial Companies in this beautiful State of ours.  My wife and I have a love for the outdoors, live Up North, and continue to pinch ourselves every day.  I will share pictures of our adventures from time to time. The current featured image is taken from the beautiful  neighborhood that my daughter and family are lucky to live in.  It is located just south of Anchorage, Alaska.  What a beautiful State!  Our Christmas visit was very special, and of course, had a mountain in every view.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you have a blessed and prosperous New Year!

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Ronald Deering CESCP