Is it time to get it done?

NFPA 70E – 2018 Arc Flash Awareness


Is it time to get it done?

Many contractors throughout the US are finding out they are being required to provide safety for their employees.  This reality comes from being required by a client to possess NFPA-70E 2018 Certification for each person that will be working on the premises of their client.

NFPA 70E – 2018 states, above all, that we need to try to eliminate the hazard.

There is a certain amount of pressure to locate and attend a session that will get your company started on the path to protecting each of your employees. Probably the biggest issue that is keeping a Contractor from starting a Safety Program is the rising cost of the equipment.  I have found that it certainly does make a difference what quality of equipment is purchased.  Here, as in most areas in life, you do get what you pay for.  During a recent training session, a student noted that he had an event earlier in the year, where he wore a helmet without a shield, as the shield had broken and separated from the helmet within his duffle bag.  The equipment was of a much lighter weight than some and could not withstand being tossed into the duffle bag.  Unfortunately for him, this was the day he would suffer from an Arc in the equipment he was servicing.  Good equipment matters and in the long run it pays to purchase the best.

It is probably easy for most Electrical Contractors to understand the important financial aspects of having or not having an Electrical Safety Program.  A good Safety Program is not an inexpensive item. Others would find it hard to understand why someone would want to gamble with their employee’s safety. For starters, it is the law as noted in NFPA 70E 2018 and enforced by OSHA 1910.  Some might choose to wait, and take a chance they will not have an incident.   Then there are the stiff fines that could be levied on their business, when a post incident investigation is complete.

Most can understand the financial issues, especially when starting out with a new business.  And being too busy to take the time to contemplate a safety program is also understood.  Also, today you are finding yourself in an environment where insurance rates can rise and Insurance Companies can require their clients to have a program to protect the company’s investment in your business.

Don’t wait any longer, be proactive in your approach to protecting your employees.  Enroll in the next Arc Flash Class and give them a chance to be safe from the hazards that exist in electrical equipment, when they have to work on the equipment that is energized.  Help them to be able to enjoy their children and grandchildren while their sight and hearing are intact.

You may also find that Companies with good programs have the ability to employ the safety conscious person, thus opening them up to a larger pool of qualified candidates.


Ronald Deering CESCP – RJ Deering Electrical Training – 2020

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