Michigan Electrical Engineer – Credit Hrs.


NEC 2020 Code Changes – Home/Office Study Program

8 Credit Hrs. – $80 – Certificate Provided

All you need is your copy of the NEC 2020.  Simply email or text our office to receive an Enrollment Form or answer any questions you may have regarding the Course.  Here is how it works:

  • Material is sent to your desktop or mailed to your office
  • Read through the material & answer questions included
  • Email at anytime with support regarding a section
  • Request a 30 question test, to take “open book” at your office
  • A witness from your office is required to sign your test copy
  • Email the completed test to my office
  • We email a Certificate to verify your 8 hours of Credit

How do you get started?

  1. Email, Text or Call our office
  2. Request an Enrollment Form
  3. To pay by Check: Send the form to our office
  4. To pay by Credit Card: Email us for a Square.com Invoice
  5. Once payment is received, your material is on the way!

I think you will enjoy an old-school Correspondence Course that actually gets you away from the screen for awhile.  And you can actually get email support when you are discussing how to proceed with a project that might need Code interpretation.  I can provide Code advice, I can’t provide consulting or a Jurisdiction’s authority, but sometimes an opinion is a good thing!

Rather have a Virtual Zoom morning or afternoon of Code Update?  Some offices prefer the ability to discuss Code issues in a Virtual format. I am happy to help.  Contact me anytime.

Ronald Deering CESCP- Electrical Inspector (Ret.) – Master Electrician

RJ Deering Electrical Training, PO Box 83 Empire, MI 49630

rjdeeringet@gmail.com – 269.760.7053