NEC 2017 – Exam Preparation


NEC 2017 Exam Preparation.

The Classroom Session

The classroom sessions are held in Kalamazoo Michigan and designed to prepare for the Michigan Electrical License.  The session is Michigan Electrical Board Approved in case you have failed the Exam twice in the last year.  Click Here to Enroll in the next Class!

The Electrical Code Dude 1 Year Program

The “Electrical Code Dude”  home study exam preparation material is designed for the Apprentice to prepare slowly over several months, combined with your Apprenticeship Program material and any other Prep material you prefer.  The Dude Program provides you with complete email support as you work through sections of the National Electrical Code.

Or you can choose to receive all the Dude Material “Up Front” if you are cramming to take your Exam right away.  Click Here to Sign Up or email us to request a Dude Sign-Up Form.

Virtual Exam Preparation

This Virtual Class works well when you need a refresher. The material will focus on the Electrical Theory, Calculations and concentrate of the Exam’s large Code Question groups (Motors, Grounding/Bonding & Swimming Pools). The sessions are not Michigan Electrical Board Approved if you have failed the Exam twice in the last year.  That student will need to attend a classroom session.  A packet of material will be emailed to each Virtual Student, which will be used during the session. Click Here for Virtual Exam Prep Enrollment.

I would be glad to help you get to the next level.  For some, the Apprenticeship Training is not quite enough to get confident and ready to tackle the Electrical Examination.  My Exam Prep options will give you that support you need to reach the next level.  They are all designed for both the Journeyman and the Master Electrician Exams in the State of Michigan.

With over 23 years of training and over 1000 Students having attended, I think we can do this.  As you begin the process, you should start with the following:

Start reading Chapters 1-4 of the NEC 2017.  You will need to get used to where the sections and the tables are, and how the find them later.  The Exam will be on the NEC 2017, even if Michigan adopts the NEC 2020 early in the new year.  It usually takes a while to switch over to the new adopted Code.

  • While browsing the Michigan Web-Site (, print a copy of the Michigan Electrical Code Rules, Part 8.  This is a must for all licensed Electricians, is part of your Exam and is called the “Michigan Electrical Code”.
  • Now I suggest you search out either a “Classroom Session” or a “Home Study Course” to get yourself ready.
  • Some choose to be an “Electrical Code Dude”, which will give you $25 off the Classroom Session and get you the “Home Study” Exam Prep for Free!
  • If you start early enough, the Dude program is the best and is priced as a package with the Classroom Session for $500
  • Most still like the Class. If that is you, print the Enrollment Form and mail it in with payment.  [Check/Money Order/Credit Card] If you would like to pay by Credit Card, just email me for a secure Invoice.

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