NEC Update – Enrollment

Class or Correspondence Enrollment Form

Home Builders Assoc. 5700 W. Michigan Ave. – Kal. MI 49009

Nov. 9 & 10, 2019 – Sat. 7am to 5pm / Sun. 7am to Noon

Lunch is provided Sat. / Breakfast is provided Sunday

Student will need: NEC 2017 Code Book

Provided: NEC 2017 Code Changes & MI Elec. Code Rules, Part 8

$150 per Student – Circle Class or Correspondence (Home Study)

 Check/Money Order/Credit 

For credit card payments, please email for a secure invoice.

Name:                                                             Phone:

Address w/zip code:

Email:                                                              License #:

Print this Form & Mail payments to:

RJ Deering Electrical Training, PO Box 121, Portage MI 49081

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