NEC 2017 Code Update

It will soon be time to obtain your National Electrical Code 2017 Code Update Class or Correspondence Course.  The State of Michigan is entering the final phases of the process to adopt the Code.  It looks like December 21, 2018!

Contact us today by email and we will place you on our email notification list.  

Once the Code has been adopted, we will contact you with our schedule.  You will see many options that should suit your needs.  Classes will be held in Kalamazoo MI.  Classes will be combinations of Friday/Saturday and Saturday/Sunday, to complete the contact hour requirement.

You will also be able to do the required course work right at your home or office.  If getting to a Class is tough for you, you might find the Correspondence Course to be just right!

As the process unfolds, we will keep you posted right here.  Currently, the State of Michigan is in the final parts of the process and almost ready to submit the Part 8 document to the Secretary of State.

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