Student Reviews


  • That was one awesome Exam Prep Class! – [Tom S. – Gagetown MI]
  • I thought the Class was very informative & would return again, just to stay in the Code. – [Tom D. Reed City MI]
  • Hey Ron, just a quick note, very good class! Thanks!  [James H. – Saginaw MI] –
  • Thanks for a great class! I feel more confident going forward, after this past weekend. [Steven W. – Holland MI]
  • You will be happy to know I passed my journeyman exam. 81%. It wasn’t easy by any means but between your class and putting in the hours at home I was able to get it. [Steven W.]
  • Hey Ron great class. Really enjoyed it! Learned a lot this weekend. Feel a lot more confident with the code book. [Zane B]
  • I passed my test with an 82.6% thanks Ron [Jason Z.]
  • I took my masters exam this morning and wanted to let you know I passed with a 92%. Your prep course was a big help! Thank you for the info and preparation!  [Mike K]
  • Good afternoon Ron just wanted to let you know I passed my journeyman’s exam. Thank you for all your help. [Lance L.]
  • Could not have passed my Masters without your help!  Thanks! [ Rick D]
  • Just like you said, “you get out of it, what you put into it” after some 200+ hours of study, I PASSED!  Thank you! [Mike D.]
  • Thanks for the Class!  It made it a bit easier to pass. 82% [Zane B.]
  • Thanks for the Class.  “Got me over the hump”, I passed the Masters! [Rob S.]
  • Thanks Ron! You helped me with the Code Structure, which did it for me.  I passed with an 80% [Adam T.]
  • Thanks for your help at the Nov. 2018 class.  Passed my Exam! [Austin V.]
  • Thanks for the Class.  I passed the Exam at 84% [Carl H.]

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